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Hello there

2012-05-28 10:22:02 by DJ-Galax


I might start posting some songs on here again, so expect stuff.

That's all.

Well well well, it's been a while hasn't it? I know I haven't made much songs in the past... I dunno, months. But I have been incredibly busy. I'm sorry. So I made a new news post in a year. :P Might as well post it on the front page, hm?

So I'm gonna talk about something that has been discussed a lot before. Zero-bombing. Now, I don't particularly care about having the highest votes ever, but it helps to gain me a little bit of more supportive people. Now, I usually get good reviews, bad votes. This is sort of odd. Seeing reviews with a 9 and a 10 and a voting score of 3.30. Doesn't this totally make no sense? I always look at the reviews for my support but I can't help but feel odd with the score. Now yes, my songs have a generally high voting. But I have to get some help from my friends to get there. And that shouldn't be necessary. Not at all.

Like I said before, I do always look at the reviews. And that is what I actually care most about. Because reviews are definitely important. The reviews are the "votes" that actually have good arguments with them. These are the votes that make sense. These are the things I like to read, even if they're negative. I can imagine if a song is the worst song ever, that it's zero-bombed. Then it's alright. But can you say that my songs are the worst songs ever? I don't think you can with the reviews I'm getting.

Well, I've been ranting enough for now. If you read this, I thank you for taking your time. Just enjoy the music, alright? Alright. Maybe I should start a series of rants...

~DJ Galax

I'm back!

2009-09-01 08:00:42 by DJ-Galax

After a pretty long while not being active here, although reading my messages and stuff, I come back with a new song too! It's called 'Grand Return', which fits the current situation.

It's a nice improvement over The Ultimate Project, and I personally though that was a great one! :D

So, it's nice to be back, and I'll talk to all of you sometimes.

~DJ Galax
New picture for the win!


2009-07-20 05:48:17 by DJ-Galax

I don't really have anything to talk about, just wanted to let you know that I'm still making music for you all, I released Trance Angels yesterday, and it's pretty cool. :D

I have some new friends: DJ-Brand0 and BlackHaku. Go see their profiles! ;)

Oh, and I have a hater. I won't call names but search and you might find him. :D :D It's a sign of me getting more popular around here. :D Right?

And just for your sake, Da Rasta was thought out completely by myself, someone thought I stole stuff and such but that's not true.

Anyway I hope you keep enjoying my music! And if you want to talk to me or contact me in anyway, add me on AIM or PM me. You can also get my MSN but you'll have to get my trust first.

Biya Boa!
~DJ Galax ^.^

Huge post!

2009-07-07 05:31:57 by DJ-Galax

Ok, so this is going to be a very long and huge news post, because I have some things to talk about.

First of all, I want to talk about artists, fanbases and their scores. For example, I'll take F-777. I don't have anything against F-777, but he's a great example at the moment. His Lion King remix is in the top 5. It wasn't bad, but it was generic. Just another song. However, it's still in the top 5. Why? Because this song has a special feeling? No. Because this song is just really, really awesome? No, it's because F-777 made it. How's that fair? If someone else made that track, the score would be around 3.00-3.50 and reviewers wouldn't give 10's all the time. :S
I remember when my Happy Poing Loop got in the top 5. All people were complaining: 'This isn't top 5 material, loser!' However, the Lion King remix is good, but top 5-worthy? I don't think so.
People are relying on this: Oh, look, F-777 made this! It must be good! *votes 5* *reviews 10* ...dudes. It doesn't work like this. Listen through the full song before either voting or reviewing.

Now, I hope this rant made you look at this from another point of view, and that it left some different thoughts. (PS: My favorite songs from F-777 are Drown and A New Energy)

Now, onto the second subject. I walked from the sunny weather of music producing straight into the storm of the writer's block. For some reason I don't feel the same joy as I used to feel. :(
I hope I can get back into the sunny weather so I can make more music for you all. But for now, that's basically it.

Thirdly. Zero-bombing remains a problem around the Audio Portal, and it will probably never go away either. But here's the catch. Votes are dumb. Look at the reviews. People who review are actually the people who dare to show themselfs and how they feel about this song. People who only vote just hide their feelings, and like clicking on a button with a mad face and a huge 0 on it. How's that fun? I don't see any fun in that. Ignore the votes, look at the reviews. Reviews have something to tell. Reviews can contain constructive criticism. Reviews are always nicer to get than votes, because someone took the time to actually write something about the song. Now, some reviews aren't really nice. But hey, at least they took the time! :)

At last, I want to thank every one who helped me through my Newgrounds adventure. Blizzaine, Syphonmax, Toki-chan, SuperyoshiIsGreat, B0UNC3, CrimzonWolf777, Kazm0 and VJoe10. Without them, I wouldn't be as nice as I am now. I'm not saying I am a very good music producer, but I'm not bad either. Go take a listen to Da Rasta!

Thanks for your time reading through my news post, please leave a comment. :)

See ya around sometime!
~DJ Galax
PS: F-777 isn't the only one with too much attention. ;)

I'm going...

2009-06-22 12:32:37 by DJ-Galax

...for featured artist, and I hope I'll ever reach that. :P

Anyway this is just for those who have supported me throughout my NewGrounds adventure.

Also, I am on 7 favorite artist pages! Yay! =)
EDIT: Make that 8.

~DJ Galax


2009-06-19 08:28:46 by DJ-Galax

I finished Chocolate Rain, so now I'm waiting for constructive critism. Go ahead, leave a review! Also, Chocolate Rain Remix will be in my new album, Crossblades. I STILL NEED A COVER. Check out news post 9 please. PLEASE! I NEED THAT GOOD DRAWER!

~DJ Galax

Incoming Chocolate Rain!

2009-06-18 12:41:51 by DJ-Galax

So soon, I'm going to make a new song. It'll be a remix of Chocolate Rain, by Tay Zonday. I'm all excited and I hope it turns out good.

BTW, I still need that artist, check out my previous news post for that.

Artist needed!

2009-06-09 14:26:33 by DJ-Galax

First of all, did you check out my new song Crossblades? If not, go check now!

Anyway, let's get to the point.

Hey, are you a good artist? Can you make nice logo's? Then I have something for you!

I'm going to release my album 'Crossblades', and I need a good cover. needs to be sorta like this:

- It'll need 2 crossed blades/swords.
- I want my name, blurred, under the blades.
- I want the text 'Crossblades', blurred, above the blades.
- I want a cool blue vortex-like background. If you could do that, then I'll be very grateful! =)

Thanks for your time! =)

The album will include:

8 songs I've released here:
- Crossblades
- Freak Express
- Lost Destinations
- Lost Arch
- Who Knows?
- Want To Be Friends?
- L'éruption Du Volcan
- Ocean Winds

2 songs I've never released ANYWHERE:
- Madness
- Awesomeface

And 2 songs from very long ago:
- I Like CEREAL!
- Venom Strikes

^.^ That's all folks! ^.^

~DJ Galax

Freak Express released!

2009-06-06 14:26:58 by DJ-Galax

Go check it out here:

Freak Express (Full) - DJ Galax


Oh, and <3 Blizzaine =D

~DJ Galax